The Stylist Sabrina

I’m a model turned entrepreneur, “A JILL OF ALL TRADES”!!!
A native Ohioan, I started in the fashion Industry working in a men’s clothing boutique part time while in high school. After high school I moved to New York City to study fashion design and merchandising.
During that time I started modeling while working as an assistant manager for Bagatelle a women’s clothing boutique located in the village area of NYC. While living in New York, I also worked as a fashion consultant for Armani Exchange which was a wonderful learning experience not only because of the love I have for the clothing but also the knowledge I gained.
Moving back to Columbus, I worked for Lazarus, Bachrach and Nordstrom as a fashion consultant mainly working in the Men’s suit department (my specialty) but before working for them I worked at Gantos. This is where it was first suggested to me by a loyal customer that I should consider becoming a personal Stylist. It was the mid 90’s and at the time I didn’t feel there really was a market, so I didn’t pursue it until now.

With recent market trends it appears that the market for personal stylist has grown. This is due to the fact that both men and women’s lives have become increasingly busy because of work overload and a hectic social life.
With the growing demands on their time, more business men and women are turning towards personal Stylist to take care of the tedious task of keeping their wardrobe up to date and shopping for that particular outfit to wear for a special event or business trip. Along with keep their wardrobe up to date.
This is where I step in. Stylist are no longer limited to the stars of Hollywood or fashion photographers.
So why not give me a call so we can get started with your consultation over a free cup of coffee or two.

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