The Stylist Sabrina


Image Profile - This is where our partnership begins. We discuss your needs, your likes and dislikes. Then we work on developing and enhancing your personal style based on your personality.

Wardrobe Organization and Analysis - Basically go into your closet and organize your wardrobe by items and color. While eliminating items that do not work for you.

Wardrobe Consultant - Will help create outfits with your existing wardrobe and accessories. Creating your own personal guide to follow.

Shopping Expedition -

(Option 1): The stylist does the shopping for you, delivering the suggested items to your home or office for a private fitting and your final approval. All returns and alterations are handled by me.

(Option 2): You the client and stylist go on a shopping excursion together. Lunch and transportation provided.

GIFT BUYING SERVICE: Personally shop for selective gifts for your family, friends, clients and employees for special occasions or holidays. Taking care of the deliveries.

Call 216-299-5906 or e-mail to require about the services and fees.